Stator Tester

Electronic Test Equipment and Systems

Electronic test equipment, both standard and custom-designed, has been ATI's focus since 1982, and we are committed to being the industry leader in this field.

Our test systems are used in a variety of manufacturing industries. Some of these industries include motor manufacturing, power tools, appliances, automotive, aerospace, military as well as many others.

With our electronic testing equipment and automatic test systems installed all over the world, ATI has the expertise to provide a turn key solution to your testing needs.

Some of ATI’s standard systems include Armature Testers, Stator Test and Field Winding Diagnostic Equipment with Patented MagMap® Test Technology, Rotor Testers and both No-Load Motor Testers and Full Load Motor Testers.

Full Load Motor Test configurations include Dynamometer as well as ATI’s Patented Digitorque® Test Technology. Motor Test procedures can be performed in accordance with NEMA and IEEE standards.

ATI offers wire bonding and Bondable Wire Process Equipment in addition to our test systems. For more information on these and other ATI test systems, please see our Products page.

Every year ATI invests countless hours and resources into research and engineering. As a result of this on-going effort, ATI has been able to identify many problems in manufacturing processes that previously had gone undetected. It is through this research and practical experience that ATI has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the testing industry. Our ongoing commitment to R&E has positioned us to remain the industry leader well into the twenty-first century.


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