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SWD Series Scratched Wire Detectors

Automation Technology’s SWD Series is designed to alert the operator when there has been momentary continuity between the winding(s) and the stator core. This momentary continuity is caused by a scratch in the magnet wire insulation. These scratches are generally caused by worn, bent or broken insertion tooling.

ATI offers four different SWD models including the SWD- 300 Three Circuit Scratched Wire Detector. This unit is used on machines doing simultaneous insertion of three phase stators. ATI also manufactures a Single Circuit (SWD-100) and a Dual Circuit (SWD-200) Scratched Wire Detector. All of these models include durable, insulation piercing contacts. These units also include an amber light that confirms to the operator that the wire insulation has been pierced and a good connection has been made. Each unit also includes an audible alarm and reject lamp to alert the operator when continuity has been made between the winding(s) and the core. The alarm and light will stay on until the reset button is pressed. Most recently ATI has also added the SWD-10 Single Circuit Pocket Sized unit designed for periodic checking of inserters.

For more information on the SWD Series Systems, please see ATI’s SWD Series brochure.


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