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Automation Technology’s surge test is conducted by discharging a charged high voltage capacitor into the coil under test. The result is a decaying ringing pulse at a frequency defined as:


Measurement of the surge data is as follows:

ATI’s high-resolution timer circuitry measures the period of this frequency to a resolution of 20 nanoseconds. (0.00000002 seconds).

Extremely small changes in inductance such as shorted turns, incorrect turns count and incorrect turns placement can easily be detected with this method. This type of test unlike most others is not affected by small variations in test voltage.

To avoid nuisance rejects caused by inductance or capacitance variations resulting from acceptable process variables, ATI has developed a method whereby the ratios of the period measurements are compared to programmable ratio limits. This permits the setting of very tight ratio limits which detect very minor winding defects without having nuisance rejects resulting from variations in the steel, in the blocking dimension, etc. Techniques used in competitive equipment do not permit this capability.

Each winding in the stator is tested (surged) in both the forward and reverse directions. This means the high voltage surge equally stresses both ends of each winding. Isolated windings can be connected to the low surge potential to test the isolation between windings (phases).

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