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The ATS-3800 offers the most comprehensive testing of armatures available.


ATI offers custom testing solutions to our clients. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

Ensuring Peak Performance of your Product

ATI Electric Motor Testing




Our mission is to provide outstanding test/measurement tools and expertise to the businesses that we serve.  By providing this, we are committed to giving our customers the peace of mind to know that the product that they are supplying meets or exceeds their customer’s expectations.

CONTROL Products

In addition to building high quality test equipment, ATI also offers a series of control products. This Actuator series was created to meet the industry's demand for simplicity and affordability. This device is used as an electrical remote control for pilot operated valves and pump pressure compensators. 


For a short time after our inception, the focus was on providing test equipment that was custom developed for each of our customers’ various applications.  We were quickly able to visualize the limitations and forecast the long-term difficulties in supporting this approach.  With these challenges at the forefront, we developed a strategy to provide a more standardized approach to supplying manufacturing test/measurement equipment.  The focus of this strategical approach was to develop hardware and software that could be utilized across our product mix without sacrificing the ability to provide the necessary customization for very unique applications when needed.

For the last 30 plus years, this method has proven to be very successful.  It has not only allowed us to provide a more cost-effective test/measurement solution but also to provide this offering with an abundance of standard features that are only provided at a premium elsewhere in the industry.  Perhaps most importantly, this methodology has simplified the ability to support the equipment long after the date of acquisition.

ATI test systems

With systems installed around the world, ATI offers the industry's most advanced line of testing equipment.


For most testing applications, a standard ATI Test Console can be utilized with a Standard or custom designed ATI Test Fixture.

ATI Testing Software
ATI testing assistance

ATI's team of experts can assist you in all your test and measurement systems applications.


Building for the FUTURE

Each year, ATI invests significant resources into research and engineering. This investment has resulted in many improvements to existing test methods and designs as well as the introduction of completely new and far superior methods of test/measurement. 

ATI’s Digitorque® test revolutionized electric motor testing. The Digitorque® test provides full-performance, dynamic motor testing, collecting thousands of data points in the time that it takes to perform a no-load motor test.  ATI’s MagMap® test provides manufacturers of stators and other electromagnetic devices the ability to detect much more information beyond rotation of direction.  Utilizing the MagMap® test method, these manufacturers can also detect correct pole locations, correct phase-to-phase spacing, proper coil spanning and correct lead connection. 


Since our founding in 1982, ATI has been at the forefront of technical advances in our industry.  We have always been quick to incorporate new hardware and software technology in our equipment, once that technology has proven itself to be robust enough to be used in a manufacturing type environment.  Our continued commitment to research and engineering has us poised to remain the industry leader in product test/measurement.

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