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 Simple installation replaces manual adjustment thumbwheel.

 Operates directly from 115VAC at only 8 WATTS.

 Adapts to most hydraulic relief and reducing valves.   


actuator control for pilot operated valves and pump pressure compensators

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This Actuator series was created to meet the industry's demand for simplicity and affordability. This device is used as an electrical remote control for pilot operated valves and pump pressure compensators. The Actuator replaces the manual adjustment on relief valves and back pressure valves, including those of the same basic type. It can also replace manual adjustment on variable volume pumps which often require similar adjustment. 


The use of the Actuator permits remote electrical control that is finer than what can be accomplished by hand. The device is designed to stroke hydraulic valves at a constant rate. The external wiring only requires simple ordinary switches. This device also includes limit switches which are customarily set for zero and maximum allowable pressure but can easily be reconfigured for any two intermediate pressures.


The actuator embodies a sturdy AC motor with a gearbox.

The gearbox drives an eccentric cam with rotation that extends and retracts an axially moving plunger that positions the valve spring. This process is how the Actuator is able to modulate the pressure setting of the valve. ATI offers a wide range of operating speeds as well as various models that adapt to pilot opertated relief, reducing, and flow control valves. 

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